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  • Hank

    I used the same email address for about 12 years, from 1996 to 2008. My address was nearly the only one ever used from that domain, and I posted publicly on mailing lists, UseNet news, etc (especially for the first few years). Things like webmaster@ were aliased to me, but invalid randomly generated usernames would just be bounced by sendmail. SpamAssassin correctly categorized as spam 51,745 out of 51,996 emails received to that address in the last 15 days. So that’s just under 3,500 spams per day to a single address, which is about twice what I remember it being when I did similar math about a year ago. About 200 of those remaining 251 mails were also spam. So that’s a 99.6% success rate for SpamAssassin. Gmail beats SA by a narrow margin 😉

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